Friday, December 12, 2008

New Thing On New Media

This is great subject to think about it. I do think that New Media have already made our lives simple and their usefulness is relevant to all human activities from research to online bill payment. When I think about the phenomenon of New Media, I got in my mind the ills and diseases of every day. In my reading on New Media, I came across articles that address the issue of New Media in medicine. For instance, we all know that New Media improve the ability of people with hiring disabilities (hiring aid). I got a firm believe that one day New Media will be very helpful for patients with aids.

Our Class Wiki So Far

Hi all. In my first experience, I thought the wikipedia was really difficult to manage or get things posted. Today, I took my time and went over my class notes and finally I realized that posted things on wikipedia is an easy process. I edit two articles in the politics section of wikipedia and I am working on other articles related to New Media and Politics. I am also a contributor in the marketing section and I am looking further to post some new articles. Besides that, I found wikipedia very amusing and funny. I think that wiki is a great way for students and Professors to discuss and colloborate about educational matters.

Advice to Baruch College

First, I want to say that this CIS 3810 makes me aware how wiki works. Prior to that class, I did have any idea how wikipedia works. I think that the college can make things easy for students at the era of New Media. Any Baruch student should be able to use wikipedia and collaborate with classmates and professors. For personal experience, I remember one day I went to the Computer laboratory for help about my wiki class. I was surprised that students who work on the computer lab were ignorant about how the wiki works and finally I get help only from my professor(LW Friedman). I think that the wiki should be included in the training of people who work on the computer lab.

New versus Old Media

I think that this is an interesting topic relevant to this CIS class. Through the semester, we study what is New Media. In fact, New Media is web 2.0 which include blogs, internet, etc. On the other hand, old media is the traditional media (newspapers, television, magazines). I believe that old media is submerged by the speed of these new technologies. During the last five years, New Media has known an exponential widespread use. Today, New Media is used in many fields. For instance, New Media is used for educational, medical, communicational purposes. Further, New Media enhances social networkings as the case of Facebook.
Equally important, New Media have transformed the landscape of communication.. Before the invention of New Media, Old Media dominated the news cycle. With New Media, I feel like there is democratization of information because of many sources are available to provide information.
In a long-run, there is gradually an integration of New Media into Old Media. For instance, CNN's "Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" host Jack Cafferty who talks mostly about what bloggers have said.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Outline of my presentation

My term project is about New Media and Social Needs. As Maslow' s pyramid shows, social needs are the need for love, safety and security, and belonging. In sum, social needs are expressed through human interaction.The goal of this project is to show how the concept of New Media applied to Maslow's social needs.In section I, I will emphasize specifically on our needs for love. For that purpose, I will examine the case of ( an online dating site) in the U.S. Section II is related to safety and security. In this section, I will address the safety and security issues of people using social networks, in particular the case of Facebook.In sum the privacy issues of students using Facebook. Finally, I will discuss belonging. My focus is the use of the internet communication(e-mail) specially in long distance communication.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Effect of New Media on Society

I think that New Media has shaped in many ways our lives. It has a strong impact on almost everyone. For instance, many people consumption's habit has changed during the last 5 or 8 years. There is a revolution on shopping with online shopping and thousands or millions of people use the New Media technologies to shop and pay bills online. This is a very conveniant way for people with busy schedule to save time ( line up to the bank teller or pay Con Edison bills ). I also believe that New Media has helped students a lot. For example, people who are in the military can use the New Media to continue taking class online during their free time. Most importantly, New Media has achieved two great things: it has broken the barrier of time and space and its accessibility. In sum, New Media has speed up the globalisation phenomenon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Check Out Some Social Networking

Social networking is relevant today and many of us rely on it to make friends, find old ones and express our ideas. For instance, people who are shy use these new technologies to express themselves bettter or try to convey their thoughts. I did visit Facebook, Friendster, MySpace and Second life in order to have a better picture of these social networks. Basically, they offer the same kind of services such as making friends, blogs, forums and connecting with others to share ideas and feelings. Moreover, all these social networks are about collaboration, creativity, and sense of belonging or community. However, in my opinion, Second life which is a 3-D virtual world addresses these issues with great passion because people can create avatar that resemble them like in real life. Additionally, in Second life people use a currency called Linden dollar and made transactions to buy land, houses etc...